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Resident bilked out of $4,500 in puppy scam

 A resident told police she purchased a dog on line, but never received it. She told police that the firm,, demanded more money for delivery. The resident said she contacted the company who only answered her via text messages from three different telephone numbers. When the delivery company contacted the woman about delivering the dog, the woman was told to provide more money for other services and care of the dog. In total, the woman paid $4,500 She told police that efforts to contact the company have been unsuccessful because the telephone numbers she received for contacting the company are not in service Residents report suspicious persons -- A resident in the 600 block of Farrington Drive contacted police after an unknown male knocked on the rear glass sliding door of her home and said he needed to check her water. The resident told police the man walked to the front of her home, where she let him into the residence. Reports say they walked into the kitch

Scams cost residents more than $10,000

** Bogus security call cost man $7,500 Police report that a Buffalo Grove man was bilked out of $7,500 after receiving a call from a man who said he was with Amazon’s Security Department. Reports say the man was told there was a problem with his account and he needed to purchase gift cards to resolve the problem. The man told police he purchased six gift cards totaling $7,500 before realizing it was a scam. ** Resident out $3,000 in identity theft A Buffalo Grove man told police $3,000 was transferred from his bank account as the result of an apparent hack to his mobile phone. The man told police that two of his credit cards had also been used, apparently because of the hack. However, the $1,300 lost was credited back to the man’s accounts. ** Homeless man attacked – Police responded to what they thought was a fight between two men in a parking lot at Dundee and Arlington Heights roads. According to reports, a homeless man said he was attacked by a man who claimed to be a “sher