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Charges filed in domestic battery case

A 36-year old Wheeling man was charged with aggravated domestic battery and one count of aggravated domestic battery involving strangling following an argument with his now ex-girlfriend, a 38-year-old woman from Wheeling.   Police reports say the woman became upset because after an argument his car was blocking hers.   Reports say she tried to wake the man by slapping and punching him. The argument continued later in the day during which time the man said the woman tried to retrieve firearms from his backpack.   He told police he had to physically restrain her to keep her from getting to the backpack. The woman said the man choked her during the struggle but did not want to press charges.   She also admitted to striking him earlier in the day. The couple was staying at a home on Highland Grove in Buffalo Grove while its owners were on vacation. Fraud – A resident went to use her Macy’s card, which she thought had a zero balance, but found there was a $1,800 purchase on it.

Cops nab three BGHS students for pot possession

A report of a car parked with a "large amount of smoke emanating from it" led to the felony arrest of an 18-year-old Buffalo Grove High School student for possession of cannabis. The felony charges were for the 18-year-old was also charged with possession of drug paraphernalia. Police reports say the 18-year-old and two juveniles were parked in a car with tinted windows and told a security office at a shopping plaza that they were having lunch in the parking lot because they did not have a permit to park at BGHS. The security guard contacted police who arrested the 18-year-old.   The two juveniles were turned over to a dean at BGHS who, reports say, found cannabis on one of the juveniles. Retail theft -- Management at Walgreens, 15 N. Buffalo Grove Road reported the theft of seven to nine bottles of Dove Body Wash (valued at $11.99 each), three to five Aveeno Body Wash (valued at $10.99 each) and an unknown amount of regular Dove Body Wash, valued at 7.49 each.   Sus