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Suspicious incidents / BG Days partnership / Library book challenge

In the gutter – Police were called to Bowlero about a customer who was allegedly causing a disturbance. Police reports say officers found the man, who appeared intoxicated, in the parking lot. He told police he was upset that he was asked to leave. Suspicious incident – Officers were dispatched to the parking lot at Garden Fresh Market regarding a suspicious incident. The complainant called 9-1-1 stating an unknown subject attempted to open her vehicle's door while she was driving through  the parking lot. He was described as a white male in his 20s wearing a black jacket. Upon arrival, officers checked the surrounding area, but were unable to locate the subject. The driver told police as she was driving through the parking lot near the front entrance a male subject walked in front of her vehicle and appeared to wave his arms at her. The driver stated she didn't  know the subject and went past the subject The subject then walked around the passenger side of her vehicle an

Deception used to enter home / Didech running again / BG Singers auditions

Men use deception to enter home --  A resident in the 700 Block of Essington Lane reported that he was approached by a man as he was retrieving his mail from his mailbox. The subject informed him that a pump needed to be installed in the complainant’s backyard, and he accompanied the subject to the backyard. Meanwhile, another male subject entered the house and was confronted by the complainant’s wife. The second male subject informed the wife that there was a house fire a few doors down, and he needed to check on their electricity. He brought her to the laundry room to test their laundry machines. The wife became suspicious, yelled to the husband to call the police, and began pushing the subject out of the laundry room. She observed several other subjects run from the home and get into a vehicle parked on her driveway. Credit card scam -- The store manager at the Subway, 1008 Weiland Rd. reported to police that the store has received orders through a food delivery service that has bee

Village releases audio, video of police involved shooting

 The village of Buffalo Grove has released the audio and video footage of the officer-involved shooting on Dec. 2, 2021 to provide full transparency about the incident. According to the information released by the village: “The video is overlaid with the 911 dispatch as well as police radio audio that transpired during this event. The footage contains graphic images and language, and some viewers may find it to be disturbing or offensive, so please consider this before watching. Buffalo Grove police officers responded to a report of a man with a gun in a park. After police arrived, they located the man who fired two weapons while advancing toward the officers and repeatedly ignored commands to stop and drop his weapons. The officers were forced to fire their weapons to stop the threat. Despite life-saving efforts by the officers, the man was pronounced dead at the scene. The man's family was given the opportunity to view the video. The village will provide no further commen

Vaccine guidelines / Christmas tree recycling / One less restaurant

Village facilities remain closed All village facilities, except for the Police Department, 46 Raupp Boulevard, remain closed to the public until further notice due to a surge in COVID-19 cases. Village Hall services, including the issuance of building permits and plan reviews, scheduling for inspections, bill payments, transfer stamps and other services will be still available, but only at the Village Hall walk-up window, by calling (847) 459-2500 or online at this link. All public meetings for January will be held electronically. No mandate for Lake County businesses             Cook County’s requirement that folks going to restaurants and health clubs show proof of vaccine will stay in the Buffalo Grove portion of Cook County.   However, the Village Board at its Jan. 3 meeting opted to not include the Lake County portion of the village. Details are available in the Daily Herald . Park District lists guidelines for Cook County facilities With facilities in both Lake and