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Text leads to theater theatrics

An Arizona man was admonished by staff at the Buffalo Grove Theater for answering a text during a movie. Police reports say the man and his son were the only people in the theater when he received a text.   He said a staff member told him he was not allowed to have his cell phone on and was told to turn it off. The man said he told the staff member that if he was being asked to leave, he wanted a refund. The staff member and the man went to see the manager of the theater who removed the cash drawer from the register, placed it in an office and told the man he could not have a refund due to there being no money in the register and the movie having been playing for an hour. Police reports say the theater manager and the employee documented the story, but the employee said the man “got in her face” in an aggressive manner when he demanded a refund. The manager also stated, reports say, that due to a “disclaimer that plays before any movie, it is illegal for any device capable of re

Driver keeps on truckin' during payroll dispute

Representatives of a truck leasing company contacted Buffalo Grove police about a truck and trailer they believed to be in Georgia.   They said the electronic logging device indicated the truck and trailer were at a grocery store in Georgia. Police say the driver made the delivery and left the area.   Police traced the man’s credit card to the Atlanta area where he allegedly cashed two pay checks. He was dispatched to pick up another load, but never made the pick-up. Police were able to contact the driver who, reports say, “became argumentative” and told police he had “amnesia and didn’t recall where he left the truck and trailer.” He told police if he received what he called “proper pay checks” he could probably remember where the truck and trailer were. He said the truck was at the location of his last delivery and that he was demanding payment for three weeks of employment.             Police advised the driver that keeping and hiding the truck was a criminal matter.   The