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Complaints about unemployment scams skyrocket

Buffalo Grove Police report 13 complaints from residents who say they were contacted about bogus claims opened with the Illinois Department of Employment Security.             In all 13 cases, residents said they received a debit card under the ruse that it was in response to their application for unemployment benefits with IDES.   In most cases, the card was issued by Cleveland-based Key Bank. Based on information on its website, Key Bank does not have branches in Illinois.             While the Buffalo Grove Police have not issued guidelines for specifically handling identity theft related to IDES, Terry Savage, a nationally recognized expert on personal finance, the economy, and the markets, who writes a weekly personal finance column syndicated in major newspapers by Tribune Content Agency, wrote in the Chicago Tribune on July 27 that the scam hits “mostly seniors — unexpectedly receive a debit card from the bank that manages state unemployment payouts. It’s attached to a let

Cops help neighbors get their ash in gear

** No ifs and or butts – A dispute over cigarette butts being left between driveways ended up with one neighbor apologizing for his actions. According to police reports, a neighbor was upset with the butts being left lying around and placed them on his neighbor’s windshield. But, as is often reported here, “but wait, there’s more.”             It turns out the disgruntled neighbor also, note reports “pulled off the front weatherstripping along the driver's side A pillar of the vehicle.” In the end, however, cooler heads prevailed and the neighbor admitted, according to reports, "That was wrong, and I learned my lesson." Talk about a lucky strike. ** They took what? – A resident on Columbus Parkway reported that his vehicle was broken into and took a about a dollar’s worth of change and a pair of Smith and Wesson handcuffs valued at $25. And yes, if you have to ask, the vehicle was left unlocked. ** Fraud, identify theft reported – Three cases of identity theft we