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Retail thefts / Author Darznik to speak / Library offers museum passes

Retail thefts rock Woodman’s — Store officials at Woodman’s Market told police that a person placed various non-alcoholic beverages into her shopping cart and walked past the last point of purchase without paying for those items. The stolen items were recovered and were valued at $55.33. The shopper was issued a retail theft ordinance violation notice.             In a second incident, store officials told police a 27-year-old Arlington Heights man is facing one felony count of retail theft after allegedly taking $721 worth of merchandise from Woodman’s. Reports say Cherman Tseboev was seen by store officials trying to bypass the check-out lines.             In a third incident, police report that store officials spotted a customer with a sweet tooth who was trying to steal $167 worth of Ferrero Rocher chocolates. He was issued a citation for retail theft.             A fourth incident was reported to police on Feb. 15 when 26-year-old Alan Kazbekovic Moraov of Wheeling and , Geo

Retail thefts soar / Burglaries reported / Schneider reappointed to key committee

  Retail thefts – Two men made off with $577 worth of good from Woodman’s Market. Reports said the men loaded a cart, took it into the parking lot where items were placed in a car. The men left the scene before Woodman’s security could stop them. In another case, an Elgin man faces one count of enhanced retail theft, a Class Four felony, after he allegedly stole more than $225 worth of items from Woodman’s Market. Police say Wilson Hernandez, tried to make off with a variety of items. In a third case, police report that a person received an adjudication ticket for trail theft after trying to get a five-finger discount from Woodman’s. Reports say the offender was caught with a variety of items including a bag of Bob Evans potatoes, a 12-pack of water, frozen crab cakes, seafood sauce (of course), a pack of wet ones, and a pack of frozen broccoli and cheese. A fourth incident resulted in two persons receiving trespass warnings and adjudication tickets for retail theft after police