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Speeding leads to drug charges

When you are clocked driving at 72 miles per hour in a 35 mile-per-hour zone, you are going to draw the attention of police.   Which is what happened to a 51-year-old Buffalo Grove resident. When police pursued the driver, he did not, police reports say, adhere to police lights and siren.   Once he finally pulled over, in his driveway, the man, police reports note, did not follow orders and cooperate with police officers. Faced with the potential of being Tased, the man continued to not follow police orders at which time he was restrained on the ground at which time the responding officer noted, according to police reports, a strong odor of alcohol. Police reportedly found 19 Hydrocodone pills and 13 Diazepam pills in the man’s jacket. He was charged with two counts of possession of a controlled substance, one count of fleeing police and, to no surprise, speeding 30 to 39 miles over the posted limit.             Charges filed after traffic accident, confrontation -- A 63-

No arrests, fewer calls as police activity ebbs

** Talked about being pumped up – Police were summoned to an apartment complex on south Arlington Heights Road to quell an argument between two women that started when one woman was allegedly photographing a boy as he was looking for an air pump in the back of a van to inflate a soccer ball. The boy’s mother came out and an argument ensued during which one woman allegedly hit another in the fact.   Despite heated exchanges, police reports say cooler heads eventually prevailed. No word if the boy ever found an air pump. ** Power blower stolen -- A landscape contractor reported to police that two lawn blowers valued at $600 each were stolen from a truck in the 2300 block of Madiera Lane. ** Phone harassment – A Buffalo Grove resident told police he has had 20 phone contacts from an unknown person. He told police he thinks it may be a “significant other” of a former female co-worker. No charges were filed. ** Get the real thing -- Police were called to a bank on Half Day Road