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Charges filed in domestic abuse case

An 18-year-old Chicago man is facing two counts of domestic battery (one for bodily harm and one for physical contact) and one charge of possession/purchasing/consuming alcohol under age 21 following an incident at the Arboretum Golf Club.   Police reports say they found the man, who they say appeared heavily intoxicated, in the club’s parking lot shirtless.   While they tried to determine what happened between the man and the woman, reportedly his stepmother, the man was saying “F--k you ni--a. I didn’t do s--t, f--k you”. The man told police he was trying to leave a party when his stepmother as trying to grab him. The man had a minor scrape to the side of his nose and a slightly swollen upper lip. Police reports say the woman had a laceration to the forehead, as well as one to the bridge of her nose. Police reports say the 18-year-old was intoxicated and was trying to be persuaded to leave the party by his stepmother, his girlfriend and father.   His mother said he was “screa

Lee begins process for recount in village trustee race

The race for a trustee spot on the Buffalo Grove Village Board may be heading toward a recount. SooJae Lee , who lost to incumbent David Weidenfeld is proceeding with a recount.  Lee, who said he only needs three votes to top Weidenfeld, has is beginning the process for a recount in both counties. Nonbinding discoveries did not find any tabulation irregularities. Discoveries look at a percentage of precincts. There are 11 precincts in the Cook County portion of Buffalo Grove and 19 in the Lake County portion. Interestingly enough, Lake County vote tabulations show Lee winning by 10 votes while the Cook County tabulations show Weidenfeld winning by 12 votes.

Traffic stop leads to felony drug bust

A traffic stop resulted in a Glenview man being arrested and charged with a class 4 Felony for possession of a controlled substance. Police were summoned to the Shell station at 50 W. Lake-Cook for a man reportedly driving erratic. When police arrived, the man told them he did not think he was driving erratically and was unsure why anyone would call the police. When asked if he was on any medication, he said he was taking methadone for a heroin addiction. While looking in the front passenger side window, Police observed a white plastic grocery bag with the bottom portion of a Red Bull can that appeared to have some type of “opaque residue” on it. After lengthy discussions, the man requested his phone, however police did not want him to damage or destroy any potential evidence. Police retrieved his phone and [picked up a small plastic bag with several small capsules. The man confirmed that the substance was heroin. Police also found an open bag of syringes. Burglary investigate

"Game of Thrones" pre-empts shed fire

From the Police Reports Hot topic -- Residents on the 600 block of Macarthur Drive reported that their shed was on fire. When police arrived, the couple said they were engrossed in “Game of Thornes” and did not hear anything and were not aware of the fire.  Neighbors told police they heard two loud explosions, like “M-80 type of fireworks.’  The residents said the contents of the shed included garden tools and lawnmower, which had not been used in two years. Bonnie and Clod? --  An attendant at a Speedway station on Milwaukee Ave called police after overhearing a couple’s conversation which the male said “Why did you tell them I robbed a bank? To which his female accompanist responded “I didn’t know not to, you should have told be.” The attendant told the police that the female appeared to be under the influence of narcotics and very anxious.”   She purchased alcohol an according to the attendant, proceeded to consume the alcohol as she left as a passenger in a car. D