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Woman scammed after caller "spoofs" Police Department phone number

             Buffalo Grove Police are cautioning residents about a scam that apparently “ghosts” or “spoofs” the Police Department’s non-emergency phone number. This comes after a resident reported that said she gave $1,500 to what she was told was the “Federal State Commission.” Reports say the caller, who said her name was “Emily Edward” had apparently compromised the resident’s personal information and told the resident that she would need to pay $1,500 to clear her name or there would be a warrant for her arrest issued. When the resident began to question the call, the caller said she would have a Buffalo Grove Police officer call her. A short time later, the resident got a phone call from someone identifying himself as “Sergeant Harper” with badge number 901 calling from the nonemergency phone number (847-459-2560) for the Buffalo Grove Police Department. Seemingly satisfied, the resident called the original caller again and was instructed to purchase three $500 gift cards

Woman charged with child endangerment

Buffalo Grove Police noted a slight increase in activity during the past couple of weeks, attributing it to warmer weather and a relaxation of state-mandated restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic.             Even with the increased activity, officials say the number of calls is “still not to the level as in past years.”             Reports made available by the Buffalo Grove Police for the past week include:             ** Woman charged for leaving children unattended in car -- A 36-year old Deerfield woman faces on charge of child endangerment after police say they responded to a complaint about a child being left unattended in a car at Woodman’s, 1550 E. Deerfield Parkway. Reports say when officers arrived, they found two children, ages 5 and 1, inside the vehicle. Reports say the children were sweating heavily. Police were able to gain access to the vehicle and place both children in an air-conditioned police vehicle.   Paramedics were called to check the children,