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State COVID restrictions to impact Cook County portion of Buffalo Grove

( The Police reports are included with this edition)  Restrictions spelled out by the announcement by Gov. J. B. Pritzker Oct. 26 that Region 10, which includes Cook County, will have a direct impact on Buffalo Grove. The Governor's order, which goes into effect at 12:01 a.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 28, affects bars and/or restaurants, gaming and casinos, and social gatherings or meetings in the Cook County portion of Buffalo Grove. The highlights include: Bars and Restaurants, Gaming and Casinos ** No indoor service is allowed at bars and/or restaurants.   ** Reservations for outdoor service are required. ** Tables outside should be 6 feet apart. ** Outside bar service and dining ends at 11 p.m. ** Multiple parties cannot be seated at the same table. ** Gaming and casinos must close by 11 p.m., are limited to 25-percent capacity and must also follow mitigation guidelines for bars and restaurants, when applicable. Social Gatherings/Meetings/Social Events ** All gat

Fights, thefts, and run-away rooster keep cops busy

** Battery charges filed – A Buffalo Grove man has been charged with battery after a confrontation with a property manager of a condominium development.   Reports say the property manager noticed a hole being drilled in the roof which, she told police, is a violation of homeowner association rules. Reports say the property manager asked workers to stop while she discussed the matter with the unit owners. According to police, when the property manager attempted to talk with the homeowner the owner refused because the property manager, reports say, was not wearing a face covering or mask.   Despite the suggestion that the conversation be held through a closed door, the unit owner would not respond.   Reports say the property manager went to her car to get a business card where she was allegedly met by the homeowner’s 45-year-old son who allegedly kicked the car door which closed on the property manager’s legs and hip.                R eports add that the man refused the property mana