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Domestic battery, parking space mediation keep cops busy

A Buffalo Grove man was charged with two counts of domestic battery following an altercation during which the man allegedly threw a loaf of partially frozen bread at his girlfriend. Reports say the man left the house and was eventually located in Vernon Hills. ** Space cadets – Police were summoned to Woodman’s, 1550 Deerfield Pkwy. to mediate a parking space dispute. Seriously. According to reports, a driver pulled around two other drivers to grab a space they were waiting for. Reports do not indicate how two cars would fit into one space. What reports do indicate is that the driver of one of the two cars originally waiting for the vehicle to pull out approached the driver of the car that pulled into the space. Reports say the driver of the parked car opened a door of the vehicle, allegedly striking the other driver. The plot thickens. According to reports, the man grabbed the female driver of the now parked car and began, note reports, “yelling at her, demanding to know why she h

Two-month investigation leads to multiple assault charges

A two-month investigation led to a Wheeling man being charged with four counts of aggravated assault and one count of battery following an incident in October. Police say the man, Michael Groffman, 55, was charged after he allegedly drove his car toward landscapers as they worked at Chicago Jewish Funerals, 195 N. Buffalo Grove Rd. Reports say the landscapers were working in the rear parking lot cleaning leaves when an unknown vehicle and driver drove fast toward them. Reports note that the driver allegedly yelled critical remarks about the landscapers’ heritage and called them foul names. Reports say one worker was struck by the car, but was not injured. One of the workers was able to get a picture of the car, but not the license plate. However, police were aided in their investigation from surveillance video from a nearby business. ** Domestic battery – A Buffalo Grove woman was charged with two counts of domestic battery after an altercation with her son. Police say Jacqueline