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Irate customer a challenge for employees, police

Employees at a liquor store on Dundee Road contacted police about a customer who was acting belligerent – to put it mildly. The employees said the man was throwing money around, yelling at the clerk and was very intoxicated. When officers arrived, reports say the man “immediately showed hostilities” towards them by yelling and waving his arms around. Reports say the man, who was having difficulty communicating, told officers that he was attempting to buy some alcohol and was using a large amount of small change that he put on the countertop. One of the employees told police that the man began throwing his change at him. The employee told police he did not want to complete the sale. Reports say the man continued yelling and was highly agitated. The employee wanted the man removed from the store and told police that the man comes into his store several times a day to purchase alcohol. Reports say the man refused to identify himself saying that he did not need to and questioned the

COVID mandate violators keep cops busy

Several restaurants and businesses drew police response to complaints about violations of the state mandate against indoor dining. While most operators cooperated with police, several, according to reports, were defiant or had customers who were reluctant to cooperate. In a one case, police were summoned to a health spa on Busch Parkway in response to possible violations of the Governor's COVID mask mandate. Reports say the responding officer had difficulty accessing the facility to talk to staff. According to reports, a receptionist who reportedly had clear view of the uniformed officer kept walking away from the entrance where the officer was until she was out of sight. The officer was finally able to gain access after he noticed two men, both not wearing masks, opened the door.   Reports say there was no indication that the facility was not open to the public. Reports say the officer was able to talk with a man who said he was not an employee, but an attorney who reporte