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Resident faces multiple charges following confrontation with police, hospital staff

A 37-year-old Buffalo Grove man faces multiple charges including DUI, assault, resisting and obstructing an officer, driving and uninsured vehicle and illegal lane usage following a single-vehicle accident.             Police say when they arrived on the scene the man was unconscious and noticed a heavy smell of alcohol on his breath.   When asked how much he had drunk, the man first said “a couple” and then “I don’t know how many.”   Because of the man’s condition, officers determined he needed to be transported to Northwest Community Hospital (NWCH) in Arlington Heights.             Once in the ambulance the man became verbally abusive to paramedics saying he was “fine” and it was a “waste of time” for him to be transported to the hospital.             Once he arrived at the hospital, the man continued to be abusive, this time to hospital staff saying the CAT scan was unnecessary and said the staff were “pieces of s**t.”   After some procedures and waiting for results, th

Resident victim of $193,000 scam

A 57-year-old Buffalo Grove woman told police she was scammed out of $193,000 by a man she met on “” The woman told police he first asked for $1,500 for a translator so he could start a business in Turkey.   He then asked for more money, which he apparently received, totaling $193,000, which included the initial $1,500.   She told police that in November she had been contacted by another man who said he purchased 188,752 shares of stock with a reported cash value of $263,000. The second man wanted her to pay a 20% early collection on the shares prior to October of 2020, totally an estimated $52,600. At this point the woman realized it was a scam and contacted police. She reportedly is working with her bank on recovering some of the money. Man faces battery charge -- A 50-year-old Vernon Hills man was charged with one count of simple battery after police say he was involved in argument with another employee about trash collection.   Police reports say the argum