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Man faces four charges for alleged theft of alcohol

  A Wheeling man was charged with four counts of retail theft after he allegedly stole four bottles of Buchanan's 18 Scotch from Woodman’s, 1550 E. Deerfield Road, valued at $79.99 each. Reports say a manager was able to recognize the man as a suspect in previous thefts from the store.   The manage was also able to capture the description of his car.             Police located the car in a shopping plaza at the northeast corner of Deerfield Parkway & Weiland Road. They found the driver at Weiner Take All, but he was not the person who allegedly stole the alcohol.   He told police he had driven a friend to Woodman’s.             But wait, there’s more. Police checked the car and found the friends, one of whom matched the description of the alleged Scotch-stealing thief. Police also found groceries including, note reports, “…four bottles of Buchanan's whisky and two bags of potato chips.” The reports do not indicate what kind of potato chips they were. Then again, who wou

Cops continue probe into rash of tire slashings

Buffalo Grove Police continue to probe a series of tire slashings that have taken place in the southern portion of the village during recent weeks.   Three more cases were reported, all in a parking lot in the 800 block Weidner Road. In one case, two rear tires, valued at $85 each, were slashed. In a second case, a resident reported two tires, valued at over $200 each were slashed, while a third report indicated that three tires, valued at $500 were slashed. Reports indicate that the tires were slashed during late afternoon and early evening. ** Nearly $13,000 missing – A resident told police that $12,970 was reported missing from her Chase saving account. The funds were removed by an unknown person who wrote checks using the resident’s account number. ** Banner swiped – A resident reported that a large blue banner that was stapled to their fence was stolen.   Reports did not indicate what the banner said. ** Eggs tossed at house – A resident in the 1300 block of Shambliss

COVID exposure shutters Village Hall

Updated at  12:40 p.m.   The Buffalo Grove Village Hall will be closed until further notice following a reported COVID-19 exposure in the building. The closure begins today, Aug. 14 while the facility is commercially cleaned and disinfected. A statement by the village, said village officials do not believe any member of the public has been exposed. All village employees who may have been exposed within the building will be evaluated for testing and quarantine. The statement said that ‘” because the incubation period for COVID-19 onset ranges from two to 14 days” Village Manager Dane Bragg, says the village is “unsure” as to how long Village Hall will remain closed. “We will resume limited operations as soon as possible, with the goal being to do that early next week,” Bragg says. He adds that the village has “not implemented any additional procedures.   We currently use CDC and OSHA guidelines as well as guidance from our liability insurance carrier and healthcare professi