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Woman faces two charges for storage locker break-in

A 25-year-old Grayslake woman was arrested and charged with one count of criminal trespass to a building and one count of criminal damage to property after she allegedly climbed over a storage unit and entered it through the top to gain access to property after management put its own lock on the locker due to nonpayment. The woman, Ariel Barr, 25, said the locker was rented by a friend and told police that once she was in the unit, she used a wrench to remove bolts that were securing the latch and lock. Police were called to the business after an employee told Barr that the unit was on the delinquent list and she was not on file as an authorized user. She is scheduled to appear in Lake County Court on Aug. 5. •            Tires stolen -- Twenty seven used racing tires were reported missing from a business in the 1200 block of Busch Parkway on July 23. The tires, worth between $10 and $15 each, were stored in an outside pick-up area where they are picked up by a reseller. •

B.G. Police arrest woman for selling counterfeit luxury items

A 44-year-old woman was arrested Thursday by Buffalo Grove Police following a six-week investigation into the selling of counterfeit goods. Roksolana Pulley, owner of Roksolana, Inc., 400 W. Dundee Road in Buffalo Grove was charged with four felony charges relating to the sale of the counterfeit items. Three of those charges are considered a Class 3 felony, with the remaining charge being a Class 2 felony. The charges are based on the number of counterfeit items in Pulley’s possession at the time of the arrest. Police were first made aware of the illegal operation in May, after receiving a call from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). According to DHS, high-end fashion company, Louis Vuitton Malletier - most commonly referred to as ‘Louis Vuitton®’ received an anonymous tip stating that a Buffalo Grove, Illinois business was illegally selling counterfeit items. Throughout the investigation, two undercover purchases were made at the store, and items were verifie