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Man faces two charges after fight

A wheeling man was charged with criminal damage to property and criminal trespass to a residence after he allegedly stormed into a residence in the 1700 block of Ashford Circle Jan. 27. Police reports said the man broke through the glass front door looking for a female. Once in the house the man, police say, was going toward the bedrooms.   He was tackled by a friend of the homeowner who was at the residence at the time.   The man and intruder exchanged blows before the intruder freed himself and exited the residence.   Police reports indicate that situation escalated when the Wheeling man was looking for his cousin, who was visiting the house. The Wheeling man was unable to reach the woman, whom he thought as being held against her will. ** Police were called to a residence in the 100 block of Cloverdale after a resident   complained that his neighbor was blowing snow into his yard.   The man also complained that his neighbor’s Comcast cable was also on his fence. Police told the

Frigid weather brings multitude of closings, altered schedules

The following information was distributed by the village of Buffalo Grove. Schedules of various organizations and school districts may change. Village to maintain regular business hours on Wednesday The village of Buffalo Grove will be open during normal business hours on Wednesday, Jan. 30. Severe weather safety tips can be found here . School closures While most schools are closed tomorrow, you should check the Emergency Closing Center at about future late openings or closures.   Area closures for Wednesday, Jan. 30 Below is a listing of closures on Wednesday, Jan. 30, (at publish time) due to record low temperatures and wind chills in the forecast. ** Lake County Offices: Thursday hours are TBD based on the weather. ** Buffalo Grove Park District: Alcott Center, Community Arts Center, Emmerich Park building, Golf Dome and Raupp Museum. All closed facilities and programs will resume at noon . on Thursday. The Buffalo Grove

Police probe robbery, battery at hotel

A Buffalo Grove woman was allegedly robbed by two men while staying at the Extend A Stay hotel on Busch Parkway Jan. 21. Reports say the woman was walking back from a smoking break when two men approached her from behind and pushed her down. Reports say the men took the woman’s purse, $200 USC and a debit card. Police say the card was used for two Uber rides and an attempt to withdraw $400. Police speculate one of the men involved may have been involved in another incident at the hotel. Police previously responded to the hotel in response to an altercation between two guests. Police reports say one knocked on the door of another guest due to what reports say was excessive noise. One guest, who was on the third floor, knocked on the door of a room on the first floor to complain about the noise. The guest in the first-floor room told police that he was struck in the face at least once by the unidentified man who may have been his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend. This followed a period whe