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Accident leads to assault, obstruction charges / Bids for public works facility approved / Artist-in-residence at Library

Crash leads to DUI, assault & obstruction charges – A 53-year-old Buffalo Grove woman was charged with DUI, assault, battery and resisting/obstructing a police officer following a two-vehicle accident at Lake-Cook and Weiland roads. Reports say responding officers found Elvira Mejia-Cabrera “showing signs of alcohol impairment” at the scene and allegedly became physically aggressive toward officers. She was released on her own recognizance. Liquor stolen – Officials at the Jewel at 79 McHenry Road told police that four individuals stole more than $1,300 worth of liquor from the store. Reports do not list what exactly was taken, nor is there a description of the four individuals. Police say the investigation is ongoing. Cash, liquor stolen – Officials at Woodman’s Market told police that two individuals stole $440 in cash from a cash register as well as a bottle of Hennessy XO Cognac valued at $215.81. Police say the investigation is ongoing. Catalytic converter theft – A gu

Retail burglary / Metra parking lot safety questioned / Flag Day ceremony set

  Burglary reported -- Police report that they responded to the 200 block of W. Dundee Road for a burglary at a liquor store. A complainant reported he found broken glass to the front entry door to the store, it is currently unknown if anything is missing. This investigation is ongoing. Lost property leads to theft – A man contacted police to report that he left his wallet on top of a gas pump at Woodman’s Gas Station, 1500 E. Deerfield Parkway, and when he returned, it was missing. Police say the investigation is ongoing. Discounted theft -- A customer at   Woodman’s was nabbed by store personnel and police for trying to remove   merchandise from the store without paying. Sort of. Store personnel told police the person was at the self-checkout and was using a "reduced grocery" barcode she brought with her to scan items at much lower prices. Reports say that she attempted to leave the store with $130.11 worth of merchandise, but only paid $68.71. She received an adjudi

Retail thefts surge / Pride parade, picnic Sunday / Watch your watering

  Retail thefts -- Police responded to a series of thefts from area retail stores including Walgreens at 15 N. Buffalo Grove Rd. where store personnel said two subjects stole alcohol and miscellaneous items in the store without paying, the total loss was $278.92. This investigation is ongoing. Police report four reports of thefts from Woodman’s Market. In one case, $79.59 of merchandise while in a second case, a person stole $3.29 in merchandise while in the third case, two people tried to make off with $120 worth of merchandise. A fourth person was nabbed trying to make off with $99.52 with merchandise.             The Jewel at McHenry and Lake-Cook roads was not immune to the recent wave of retail thefts. Store personnel told police that three people stole six bottles of alcohol, totaling $339.94 into a six-pack liquor carrier, put a plastic bag over it, and walked out of the store without paying for the merchandise. Burglary – A guest at the Sheraton Four-points told police th