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School, law enforcement officials probe possible abduction attempts

Wheeling and Buffalo Grove police along with officials in School District 21 are asking residents to be vigilant after two children were allegedly approached by what Wheeling Police said in a verified statement was “…a black sedan when he attempted to entice the victim into his vehicle with a fabricated story.” The statement also encourages parents to “talk with your children about safety before and after school. Make sure they know to never talk to or approach a stranger.”             As School District 21’s boundaries include Buffalo Grove, the BGPD is participating in the investigation. In a verified statement that appeared on social media, Buffalo Grove Police noted “while none of the incidents have occurred in Buffalo Grove, patrols have increased around Buffalo Grove schools to help locate the vehicle. Police encourage parents/caretakers to stay with children as they wait for the bus, and greet them when they return home.”             District 21 notified parents on

Judge tosses Lee's bid for recount in Village Board election

(Police reports follow this story)     Soojae Lee          A bid by Soojae Lee for a recount in a close race for Village Trustee in the April 2019 election has been tossed out by Circuit Court Judge Patrick Stanton .   Stanton’s order, issued Thursday, ensures that incumbent David Weidenfeld will maintain his seat on the Board.             David Weidenfeld Lee challenged the results because lost by two votes. In addition to seeking a recount, Lee also sought to be declared the winner. Stanton’s cited the fact that Lee and Weidenfeld “…were not seeking a specific seat, but rather were contesting an at large election in which three seats were awarded to the top three vote getters, it is impossible to recount the votes cast for Weidenfeld and Lee in a vacuum. Indeed, to, as Lee requested, declare him the winner of the third spot, the court must tally the votes for first and second. During a recount, Lee and Weidenfeld may gain votes at the expense of the other can