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Town Center plans / Village Hall reopens / Bogus Norton hits resident

Computer hack – A resident reported to police that an “unknown person” took over her computer. The person told police they received an email from Norton Antivirus stating they were owed a refund and to call the number on the email. The resident called and spoke with a person who instructed the resident to log into a site so they could receive a refund. Police reports say the resident did as was requested only to find the person, posing as a Norton agent, take control of the computer and then move $8,000 from the resident’s savings account to a checking account. The resident was then told to go to the bank and wire $7,000 to an account in Thailand. When the resident went to the bank, he was told that it was a fraud attempt and the bank did not wire over the money. The resident did not lose any money. Criminal damage -- A resident in the 100-200 block of 190 Old Oak Drive contacted police about ongoing problems with damage to their church van and Amazon packages. Reports say the resi

Persistent solicitors / Big game, big enforcement / Road forum set

Unwanted solicitors --  A resident in the 0 -100 block of south Buffalo Grove Road contacted police about a solicitor complaint. The resident told police that she observed two men in the first-floor hallway of the apartment building who were soliciting residents for energy services. She explained the "no soliciting" policy and asked them to leave. They left, but approximately 10 minutes later, police received a call from a resident on the second floor of the same building, who told police she observed an unknown male and female soliciting energy services. They were again asked to leave. The pair left the premises and drove away in a black Audi sedan with dark tinted windows and an unknown white temporary license plate. Retail theft –  Store officials at Woodman’s contacted police about a customer who loaded his shopping cart with $73.37 worth of merchandise and left the store without paying for the items. While talking with officers, the customer, reports say, “blurted out, ‘