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Talkin' trash: Garbage, recycling fees increase May 1

Higher rates, but an additional service. The Village Board Monday approved new rates with Waste Management   for garbage and recycling collection.   The new contract also includes collection of electronics and other items that should not be placed in garbage or recycling carts. The “At Your Door” service gives residents the opportunity to call Waste Management and arrange for pick up of items.   Details are at Trash, recycling fees to increase Prairie View plan viewed.   Residents had the opportunity to view a proposed plan for the area near the METRA Prairie View station.   Details are at Prairie View plan .   The village has also made information available at Prairie View poster boards and at Prairie View plan video Sussman, Terson discuss view. Got an hour? You can watch the Daily Herald’s interview with the Village Board candidates, incumbent Beverly Sussman and Mike Terson.   Sussman, Terson interview SAFER session set.   “How to stay independent and safe in

License issue shuts brewery

Prairie Krafts Brewing Company was closed Feb. 11 by police at the request of the village as the company’s liquor license had expired. Management said efforts to renew   the license were in process. A village official confirmed late Thursday that “All liquor license holders must have the appropriate licenses with the State of Illinois in order to operate. The State of Illinois notified [the village] that Prairie Kraft’s Brewers License has expired.   Prairie Krafts [has] indicated they are working on the renewal of their State license.”   The official said that without it they cannot be open. A resident on Woodstone Drive reported suspicious phone activity to police.   The resident said she received a call from a man with a heavy accent offering $700 refund for computer repairs, which she said she paid in December. Reports say the caller requested the resident’s credit card number so they money could be refunded. The caller called again saying he inadvertently processed