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Cops warn of COVID-19 scams

The Buffalo Grove Police Department is warning residents about COVID-19-related scams. Police say residents should avoid releasing personal information to unknown or unverified persons, who may contact them by via email or telephone during the COVID-19 crisis. There are concerns that the impending release of federal stimulus funds to millions of Americans, scammers and criminals may attempt to gain access to innocent persons’ bank accounts. A common practice is for a scammer to pose as a representative from a federal agency asking for personal identifying information in phone calls or emails. A common practice is to ask a person for their social security number for “verification” or to qualify for a bogus offer. “While this crisis is devastating in itself, thieves and criminals continue to try and exploit innocent people,” Police Chief Steven Casstevens says. “These federal funds are meant to assist Americans in a time of need, not to be stolen and re-routed to benefit crim