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Town Center redevelopment plan unveiled

            The Buffalo Grove Village Board will consider a “Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)” with developers that would likely clear the way for redevelopment of Town Center. The village made the announcement in a press release late Thursday afternoon. Overview of proposed redevelopment The 20-acre site would be redeveloped in multiple phases by Kensington Development Partners into a modern central entertainment and residential district anchored by a national grocery store, retail shops, a park, restaurants and luxury multi-family residential housing. The plan includes 65,000 square feet of retail space with a total project cost of $150 million. According to the release, Kensington is under contract to purchase the property and proposes two phases of redevelopment. The first phase includes the southern and central sections of the site with a new 37,500-square-foot “nationally renowned” grocery store with an innovative format to meet the demands of today’s consumers. No specific

Woodman's thefts / pot in the lot / spook and ladder

  Thefts hit Woodman’s -- Security personnel at Woodman’s reported that a male customer walked out of the store without paying for items totaling over $140. The subject was issued an adjudication ticket and a trespass warning.           In another incident, store officials reported to police that an unknown female subject left the store without paying for approximately $100 worth of items. Return to sender? A resident n the 100 Block of Lilac Lane reported her mailbox was stolen. The vape escape -- A subject left Smokey’s Tobacco Discount, 25 N. Buffalo Grove Road, with a vape without paying for it. At the store clerk’s request, the officer left a message for the subject advising they were not allowed back into the store. Off the hook -- A resident observed a tow truck attempting to tow his vehicle. The resident confronted the driver, and advised him that he had a residential parking permit. The tow truck driver subsequently left the lot without the vehicle. Loud music, pot in

Break-in probe continues / Trick-or-Treat hours set / Police Department gets high marks

Break-in probe continues -- Police are continuing their investigation into residential break-in reported Sept. 24. Reports say a resident called 9-1-1 to report that someone had just broken into her home. The caller told police she hid in the house and could hear them talking. Officers responded to find forced entry through the front door, but the subjects had already left. The resident reported that she originally heard someone knocking on the front door but didn’t answer it.   The knocking became louder and she called 911 and hid upstairs. Resident falls prey to phone scam -- A resident reported falling victim to a scam in which she believed she was pursuing a new occupation. The caller sent her a check and requested that she use it to purchase gift cards.   The gift cards were purchased and the information sent to the offender. According to reports, the received check turned out to be fraudulent. The offender called while the resident was talking with police, and promptly hung u