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Woman loses $20,000 in phone scam

A 44-year-old BG woman told police she lost $20,000 in a phone scam where the caller stated there was a warrant for her arrest. The woman told police she was instructed to go to her bank and withdraw $10,000 and then go to a currency exchange in Arlington Heights and deposit $5,000 in a bit coin digital wallet. She was then told to go to a second location in Arlington Heights and repeat the process. Police reports say the woman was then instructed to go back to her bank and withdraw another $10,000 and go to a bit coin digital wallet at the Corner Bakery at Northbrook Court. The woman said the caller, who posed as a Social Security police officer, kept her on the phone for six hours. No way to buy a car: A Midlothian man was charged with possession of a fraudulent Illinois Identification card, unlawful use of a License and obstructing justice/identification on Aug. 22. Police say the man was attempting to purchase a 2016 Mercedes from a dealer in the 0-100 block of Dundee Roa

Police probe tobacco shop break-in

Police are investigating a burglary at Smokehut in the 1100 Block of Lake-Cook Road. The break-in was discovered by a Waste Management driver who contacted police after noticing a side window at the store was broken. Among the items reported missing, totaling more than $4,200, were in $2,200 in JUUL products and $2,025 in regular tobacco products. Damage to the window was estimated at $1,500. Run for the border – An employee at Taco Bell was defrauded of $1,200 from the store’s safe after she received a phone call by a person who said he was her supervisor. After ascertaining how much money was in the safe, the caller instructed the employee to go to a nearby CVS and send a Western Union MoneyGram to him in Mexico. The woman did and then called her supervisor who told her it was fraud and told her to call police. Items stolen from construction site -- A contractor reported that a bag of personal items was apparently take from a site he was working on. Items missing includ

Cops probe rash of vehicle break-ins

Buffalo Grove police are investigating seven break-ins to motor vehicles in the past week including a series of four that occurred overnight on Aug. 12 – 13. Police say a resident in the 0 – 100 block of Oak Creek Drive reported two windows were broken on his car.   The only thing reported missing was a small amount of currency. While investigating this incident, police report they spotted another car with similar damage.   No items were reported missing. Police reports say a third vehicle, also parked in the 0 – 100 block of Oak Creek Drive, was damaged while parked.   In this incident, police say the driver’s side window was broken and the license plate damaged. The resident said a mobile dash-cam video camera was stolen. A fourth vehicle was also reported broken into with a side window smashed.   The resident said a radar detector was taken, but her purse was left on the front seat with nothing taken out of it. Another break-in to a vehicle occurred, police say, in th