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'Ruse burglary' probed / Public safety open house / Clove groundbreaking Sept. 22

Police probe “ruse burglary” -- Police are continuing their investigation into a “ruse burglary” at a residence in the 400 block of Navajo Trail. The resident told police three men showed up at the front door of the residence. One of the men convinced the victim to escort him to the backyard leaving the other two subjects. The man, police say, kept the victim occupied with conversation for several minutes. When the subjects left the home, the victim discovered personal items missing from the home. Honest thieves? -- The store director at Mariano’s told police that a customer alerted employees to two male subjects who walked out of the west side entrance door with a cart full of merchandise that didn’t appear to be paid for. Employees went out to the parking lot and observed two men loading merchandise into the trunk of a black Chrysler 300. The men said the items were not paid for and returned the items. The recovered totaled $793.39 and included various bottles of alcohol, cat litte

Thieves make off with makeup / Cambridge Commons coming down / School crosswalk concerns aired

  Thieves make off with makeup –   Police report that two people stole more than $2,900 of facial products from the CVS Pharmacy, 20 E. Dundee Road. The manager told police that a female came into the store and distracted his employee. As she was distracting the employee, a male came in and went to the facial aisle. Reports say he was in the aisle for approximately five minutes and took several items and placed them into a bag. Once he put the items   into  the bag, both subjects left the store without paying. Liquor swiped --  Police report that an unknown male allegedly stole 13 various bottles of liquor valued at $602.63 from the Woodman’s Food Market, 1550 Deerfield Parkway. The man reportedly fled southbound on Milwaukee Ave in a gray four-door Toyota. “Rude man” irks gas customer --  Police were summoned to the Woodman’s gas station, 1500 Deerfield Parkway, after a woman reported she was confronted by an elderly man, saying he was “very rude and used numerous profanities while ye