Man faces four charges for alleged theft of alcohol

 A Wheeling man was charged with four counts of retail theft after he allegedly stole four bottles of Buchanan's 18 Scotch from Woodman’s, 1550 E. Deerfield Road, valued at $79.99 each. Reports say a manager was able to recognize the man as a suspect in previous thefts from the store.  The manage was also able to capture the description of his car.

            Police located the car in a shopping plaza at the northeast corner of Deerfield Parkway & Weiland Road. They found the driver at Weiner Take All, but he was not the person who allegedly stole the alcohol.  He told police he had driven a friend to Woodman’s.

            But wait, there’s more. Police checked the car and found the friends, one of whom matched the description of the alleged Scotch-stealing thief. Police also found groceries including, note reports, “…four bottles of Buchanan's whisky and two bags of potato chips.” The reports do not indicate what kind of potato chips they were. Then again, who would want potato chips with $79 Scotch?

** Another Alcohol theft – Two juveniles are suspected in taking two bottles of alcohol from the Jewel at Lake-Cook and McHenry roads. Reports do not indicate what kind of alcohol was allegedly stolen. Store employees were unable get a good description of the two as they were wearing masks. It’s nice to have law-abiding thieves.

** Argument leads to charges -- A Buffalo Grove man was charged with two counts of domestic battery after an argument with his wife and juvenile children.  Reports say the man allegedly swung a vacuum at both his wife and one child during an argument about the garbage not being taken out. Reports indicate that neither his wife or child suffered serious injuries.

** Fraudulent order – A resident in the 100 block of Toulon Drive reported two incidents to police.  The first, according to reports, was the receipt of three Verizon iPhones, which the resident told police she did not order. She told police that she did not order the phones, which were delivered in her name. At the same time, she was contacting police about the iPhones, the woman reported a couple banging on her front door.  She observed the couple as they reportedly walked around the house. The woman was able to get a photo of their car as well as providing police with a description of the couple.

** Not quite Bond – A resident contacted police because, reports say, his neighbor’s landscaper got grass clipping on his car, described as a “prize-winning 2007 Aston-Martin convertible.” Reports say the vehicle “appeared to have dust and small grass clippings on the exterior.” Reports says the responding officer observed “dust and grass clippings on the interior of the vehicle.” Reports say that this was “no doubt due to the fact the convertible top was left down while the neighbor's lawn service was working.” It appeared the resident was shaken, and even stirred. It’s a generational thing – go ask your parents. Thank you, Moneypenny.

** Fraudulent billing – A resident told police he received a notice from a collection agency that he owed $1,720 for purchases made in 2018. The man told police that he never made the purchases and suspects his identity had been compromised.

** Lucky there’s only one charge –A 20-year-old Buffalo Grove man was charged with speeding in excess of 35 miles over the limit after police say he was driving 89 miles per hour in a 45 miles-per-hour zone. Reports say the responding officer followed the car, which ended up in a driveway in the 1100 block of Auburn Lane at which time the driver, note reports, told police he did not have a driver’s license and started walking toward the building despite request by police to stop.  Not a good idea.

            Reports indicate that at that point, the responding officer told him to stop walking away, at which time reports say the officer “grabbed his arm and handcuffed him. He continued to be loud and argumentative and was yelling for his sister to record the interaction.”

            But wait, there’s more. Reports indicate that the offender’s sister was a passenger in the car. She verified the driver’s identity. Making this a family affair, police say the driver’s mother came outside to show police proof of valid insurance for the vehicle. Want to bet it’s going to take more than 15 minutes to get a better rate on renewal?

** Criminal trespass to a vehicle – A resident in the 300 block of Bentley Place told police that a masked man entered his vehicle on Aug. 20 but did not steal anything. The entire episode was caught on surveillance video. In addition to noting that the perpetrator was wearing masked, reports also indicate that the vehicle was – surprise – unlocked.

** Not a ringing endorsement – Two residents contacted police about what they say was fraud committed by a landscaper/pave installer. The residents, both contend the contractor did not follow through on issues related to the work he was supposed to do and that he did not return their phone calls.

** They serve, protect and recognize – A Buffalo Grove man was charged with a Class 4 felony for driving on a revoked/suspended license. It was the fourth time the man had been stopped by police. In fact, it was the fourth time he had been stopped for the offense by the same officer.

** Bogus tech support – A Buffalo Grove resident is out almost $500 after she was having computer issues and contacted an alleged Microsoft service agent online. Police reports say the woman gave the fake technician both her credit and debit card numbers.  Reports says she became suspicious when she noticed that the alleged technician “took over her computer remotely and began accessing its files without permission.” A dead give-away.

** Trailer for sale or let – once it’s found – A Buffalo Grove resident who leases a $43,000 White Wabash Reefer Trailer, told police that she subleased it to a Vernon Hills man in April and while she received payments for the sublease in April and May, she has not received payments since then. She said she was in touch with the man who leased the vehicle by text and he promised to make payments, which he has not. The woman was not able to give police specific information about the man who leased the trailer because she did not know his last name.  Seriously. Police were able to connect with the man’s brother who told police he was unaware payments had not been made. By the way, “reefer” is the type of trailer and has nothing to do with its cargo.

** Guess it wasn’t Comey calling – A resident said she received a call from someone posing as an FBI agent demanding $10,000 in Bitcoins or she would face criminal prosecution. The resident did convert $10,000 to Bitcoins, but did not send them. Smart idea.

** Stupid is as stupid does – Buffalo Grove Police report four arrests for DUI, three for driving on a suspended or revoked license, one for transporting open liquor, one for driving without insurance and one for driving without a license.



 Rec weed up in the air

            A technicality in the state’s licensing of dispensaries for recreational marijuana may delay its availability in Buffalo Grove. According to the Daily Herald, “…The sticking point is state law prevents medical dispensaries from selling recreational marijuana if they move to a new location.”

The Herald also reports that “State Rep. Daniel Didech, who is working to get legislation passed that will clear the hurdle, said the intent of the rule was to encourage new players in the marketplace.”

 New Stevenson board member

            Long Grove resident Fei Shang has been named to the Stevenson High School / District 125 Board of Education. She replaces Sunit Jain who resigned. Shang’s term runs until April.  She told Pioneer Press she plans to fun for a full term.

 Hines deal extended

The village and Hines Lumber have come to agreement on a tax-sharing program that runs for another 20 years. According to Daily Herald, Village Manager Dane Bragg says Hines, which has its corporate headquarters and showroom in Buffalo Grove, is the largest sales tax generator in the village and has been for many years.”

Blood drive this Saturday

A community blood drive will take place this Saturday from 8 a.m. - 1 p.m. at the Alcott Center.

For more information or to schedule a donation, call 877-258-4825 or visit and use group code BG98.

Appointments and face covers are required.

 Trustee petitions available soon

Three trustee seats on the Buffalo Grove Village Board will be open in the April 6, 2021 election. The circulation of petitions can begin on Sept. 22, and filings can be made starting at 8 a.m. on Dec. 14. Only registered voters who live in Buffalo Grove can run for office or sign a petition for a candidate.

 For questions, call the Village Clerk at (847) 459-2500.  

 Video gaming fee discussion may continue

            The village may still be considering modification of video gaming fees. In an Aug. 20 story, the Daily Herald cited sources that the current arrangement may be under review. The focus of the issue was an apparent request by Original Bagel and Bialy for a pro-rated fee. The eatery was granted a video license earlier this year, but the pandemic forced them, and all restaurants, from having indoor dining.

            Village Manage Dane Bragg told BGNI in an email on Aug. 30 that there was “no word on anything yet.”

            There was some recent discussion based on coverage in the Journal-Topics. Village Board President Beverly Sussman indicated that it appeared trustees had changed their position on a move to pro-rate the fee for Original Bagel and Bialy.

            Sussman told BGNI that she never promised to help Original Bagel and Bialy, but said the Board would discuss it a pro-rating. She said any arrangement would not solely be for Original Bagel and Bialy.

 Secure ballot drop-off sites discussed

Government officials are grappling with ways to offer secure ballot drop off for the Nov. 3 election for voters who may not want to mail their ballots back. According to the Lake County Journal, Vernon Township is discussing options.

 Library program plan ‘Paperback Pals”

The Indian Trails Public Library is planning a live Zoom program, “Paperback Pal Book Club” program on from 4 to 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 8.

Residents can call and register to pick up their book at the drive-up window. Read the book and join an online discussion on Sept. 8.

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