Fights, thefts, and run-away rooster keep cops busy

** Battery charges filed – A Buffalo Grove man has been charged with battery after a confrontation with a property manager of a condominium development.  Reports say the property manager noticed a hole being drilled in the roof which, she told police, is a violation of homeowner association rules. Reports say the property manager asked workers to stop while she discussed the matter with the unit owners. According to police, when the property manager attempted to talk with the homeowner the owner refused because the property manager, reports say, was not wearing a face covering or mask.  Despite the suggestion that the conversation be held through a closed door, the unit owner would not respond.  Reports say the property manager went to her car to get a business card where she was allegedly met by the homeowner’s 45-year-old son who allegedly kicked the car door which closed on the property manager’s legs and hip.
            Reports add that the man refused the property manager’s card, which she threw toward him. At this point he reportedly continued to kick the door while the property manager was “wedged in.” She remained in the car until police arrived. The man told police he had no idea who the woman was and told her in no uncertain terms to get off his property. He also said the property manager threw something at him, which was confirmed to be the business card. The man said he wanted the property manager arrested for assault and battery.
Police discussed the matter with c
onstruction works who verified the property manager’s story.

**Man charged following fight – A Wheeling man was charged with a felony charge criminal trespassing and battery causing bodily harm following an altercation with a resident in the 0-100 block of Oak Creek Drive. Reports say the resident was upset because the Wheeling man swept garbage on to his patio. Reports say the altercation, which began on the patio ended up in the resident’s apartment as the Wheeling man allegedly pushed the resident into the apartment and reportedly beat him.

** Car thefts reported -- Buffalo Grove Police say they received numerous reports of “a group of subjects checking for unlocked car doors on Willow Parkway and the surrounding neighborhood” during the early morning hours of Oct. 14. Police say there were six reports of cars being entered but nothing missing.

 ** Fake unemployment claims – The scam continues.  Police report 13 reports of bogus unemployment claims received by residents. The bogus claims instruct recipients to activate a debit card issued by Key Bank in Cleveland.

** Red rover, red rover – A resident contacted police saying she purchased a cocker spaniel puppy online from a company in Cleveland, Ohio. According to reports, the resident negotiated $700, plus $150 USC for shipping. The seller, identified as an “unnamed person” promised the dog would be shipped to the resident, who agreed to send half of the cost to the alleged firm.  However, the resident, reports note, told police

** Windshield smashed – A resident in the 100 block of Old Oak Drive reported her windshield was smashed sometime from Oct. 12 to 14. There was no surveillance video available.

** Mary, Mary quite contrary – A resident in the 100 block of north Buffalo Grove Road told police two people have been picking vegetables out of the community garden in her condominium development. The resident said she is sure the people do not live there.  The resident, who told police she took pictures of the veggie pickers, said they allegedly picked carrots, onions, parsley, bok choy and tomatoes. But yes, they had no bananas, not even in Scranton, Pa.

** Lawn mower swiped – A resident in the 0 – 100 block of Bernard told police his lawn mower was taken from his front yard. Reports say the mower, valued at $525, was left unattended after the resident finished cutting his grass.

Identity Thefts:

** A resident reported that someone took out a $150,000 loan in her name from U.S. Small Business Administration.

**  A resident said he noticed an increase in what appears to be fraudulent activity after he took his iPhone into the Apple store to have it repaired. He was told by Apple that they could not repair the phone and traded his old phone in for a new one. The man still has his old phone, and was alerted to nearly $1,000 in charges on his Amazon account.

** A resident told police she checked her e-mail and saw two orders were made on DoorDash and Instacart, which share the same password, to an address in West Memphis, Arkansas. The orders totaled to $300.

** A resident reported that $15,000 was reportedly taken out of accounts he had with two banks. The resident said both banks have closed his accounts and they are investigating the situation. The resident reportedly did not lose any money.

** Package theft – A resident in the 500 block of Longwood Drive told police three packages from Amazon were taken from his front door. Amazon noted the packages were delivered.

** Harassment – A landscape contractor told police that while he was filling gas cans, another customer, say reports, approached him and said "I guess people from [your company] don't know how to wear (expletive) masks?" The contractor said he was wearing a mask. Reports says words were exchanged and the customer called him the contractor a "(expletive) Mexican" and wanted him to come mow his lawn.

** Theft thwarted – An employee at Woodman’s told police he spotted a customer who attempted to steal approximately $1,500 worth of product from the store. The person left the merchandise behind when confronted by store personnel.

** Hold the pickle, hold the lettuce – Seems like Burger King was the place to be for the police last week as three incidents were reported. Reports note two cases of phone fraud and one of an errant dime. In one fraud case, a BK staff member told police he transferred “approximately” $1,000 to a man who called twice saying he was from Burger King’s corporate office and the money was needed to cover costs for security equipment and Fed-Ex fees. The money was sent to a woman in Guadalajara. The employee told police he became suspicious when he got a third call asking for an additional $2,000. But wait, there’s more. A week later, the same employee told police he got another phone call, this one from a man asking for $2700 or “whatever was in the safe.” The money, reports note, was supposedly for a new safe and new electronics an upcoming conversion. Talk about special orders.
As for the errant dime, a customer called police stating she was in the drive-thru and attempted to order "spicy chicken nuggets." The employee told her they didn't have any, and she had to order something else. The customer ordered regular chicken nuggets, and the total was $1.65. She said she paid $1.75 but was not given a receipt or her 10-cent change back. The woman said she pulled back around to the drive-thru window and asked the employee for her 10 cents and receipt. She said the employee told her the receipts were not working, and they would have to handwrite it. Reports indicate that the customer said she again asked for her 10 cents in change. The employee became upset and threw a dime at her and struck her in the face. The customer told police she was "battered" by the employee and wanted the employee arrested. Police did not observe any marks or bruises on woman who declined an ambulance. Write your on ending here.

** So why did the chicken cross the road? – Buffalo Grove Police may have been in a fowl (yes, fowl) mood when they were dispatched to 0 -100 block of St. Marys Parkway in response to a report of a stray rooster. According to reports it took two officers to capture the fleeing fowl. Once apprehended, the rouge rooster was transported to the police station. Police were unable to determine who the owner was and subsequently transported the rooster to the Lake County Animal Control and Care in Libertyville. Reports did not indicate if this was related to the chicken nugget case at Burger King.

** Stupid is as stupid does…

Buffalo Grove Police report the following arrests for traffic violations:  three for DUI, two for driving without insurance, one for driving with a revoked vehicle registration, three for driving with a revoked or suspended license and three for driving without a license.

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