Cops help neighbors get their ash in gear

** No ifs and or butts – A dispute over cigarette butts being left between driveways ended up with one neighbor apologizing for his actions. According to police reports, a neighbor was upset with the butts being left lying around and placed them on his neighbor’s windshield. But, as is often reported here, “but wait, there’s more.”

            It turns out the disgruntled neighbor also, note reports “pulled off the front weatherstripping along the driver's side A pillar of the vehicle.” In the end, however, cooler heads prevailed and the neighbor admitted, according to reports, "That was wrong, and I learned my lesson." Talk about a lucky strike.

** They took what? – A resident on Columbus Parkway reported that his vehicle was broken into and took a about a dollar’s worth of change and a pair of Smith and Wesson handcuffs valued at $25. And yes, if you have to ask, the vehicle was left unlocked.

** Fraud, identify theft reported – Three cases of identity theft were reported to Buffalo Grove police.  In one case, a resident reported that several bogus credit cards bearing his name were added to his Amazon account. The resident said Amazon could not help citing security concerns and that he was unaware of who stole his identity.

            In another case, a resident told police that a credit monitoring firm informed him that it received a credit check report for a Small Business Loan application. The resident reported that he does not have a small business.

** Fair fight – Police received a call about two men arguing over a set of lost keys. According to reports both men were intoxicated.

** A moving experience – A woman contacted police on behalf of her parents regarding an agreement, or lack of, between them and a Florida-based moving company. According to police reports, the original estimate of $10,700 escalated to more than $17,000 because, according to reports, the moving company said “…a former employee mistakenly made a promise that he could not keep.” Reports say the company has revised its estimate to just over $14,000, but can’t say where the couple’s items will be stored. Maybe that’s why it’s a former employee. The moving company is reportedly refusing to refund the couple’s $4,200 deposit.

** Stupid is as stupid does:  Buffalo Grove Police reported one citation for DUI, one for driving without insurance and two for driving on a revoked or suspended license and

** Quote of the day:  Somethings may sound like a good idea, but in reality, they’re not. Take for example the 512-year old Davenport, Iowa man who, after being arrested for DUI, told police he would consent to a breath test for sobriety if “he could supply one off the record."

Community News

TIF gets green light

          The Buffalo Grove Village Board Monday night approved resolutions that clear the way for development of a Tax Increment Financing district along the Lake-Cook Road corridor.

            Approval of the TIF district comes after a public hearing held in June. In addition to the hearing, announcement last week of the acquisition and potential redevelopment of the Town Center plaza fueled comments by residents at Monday’s meeting. Coverage of the meeting by the Daily Herald can be found here.


Dist. 214, 125 announce reopening strategies

            High school districts 214, which includes Wheeling and Buffalo Grove high schools, and Stevenson High School District 125 have announced plans for fall classes. District 214 will offer a mix of online and in-person classes, while D125 plans online classes only.


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