Pride flag on public display in Buffalo Grove


The village of Buffalo Grove announced this afternoon that a Pride flag given to village officials during Monday’s Village Board meeting is being flown at Rotary Village Green, 265 N. Buffalo Grove Road.

In a statement announcing the flying of the flag, the village said it “would like to thank all the individuals who shared their thoughts and feelings about displaying the Pride flag on Village property at Monday’s meeting. A Pride flag provided by a young member of the community who spoke at the Village meeting has been raised and will fly for the remainder of June at the Rotary Village Green.

This public park is a gathering place where the Pride flag can be displayed and recognized by the entire community. The village remains steadfast in encouraging acceptance and inclusion for LGBTQ+ and all community members. At the June 21 Village Board meeting, the Village Board will be reviewing current policies regarding the flying of flags at the Rotary Village Green and discussing guidelines for future requests. The Village encourages everyone to do their part in recognition and support of Pride Month.”


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