New Police Chief sworn in


New Police Chioef Brian Budds talks with Trustee Joanne
Johnson, Village Manager Dane Bragg and Trustee Eric Smith
during a reception prior to Monday's meeting.

Brian Budds is sworn in as  Buffalo Grove 
Police Chief by Village Manager Dane Bragg.

New Buffalo Grove Police Chief Brian Budds is congratulated 
by his wife, Jeannie

Retiring Police Chief Steven Casstevens receives 
congratulations  from Village Board President 
Beverly Sussman.

Steven Casstevens is shown with State Sen. Julie
Morrison who presented a proclamation for his 
46 years in law enforcement.

In addition to Chief Brian Budds, several other officers
were promoted including Lt. Michael Rodriguez  
who became Deputy Chief. 
Other promotions included Robert Broussard
 to  Lieutenant and  Kurt Lowenberg to  Sergeant.


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